Thursday, May 16, 2013

Review - Direct Contact

Direct Contact by Ninette Swann

* provided by the author for review

3 and a half tiara wearing bats

This is a good read, short but still has a good story to it.  I like all the little twists and turns to the story a lot of which I did not see coming and some that I did.

It is great to see a Sci-Fi romance that is not just a lot of romance scenes with a Sci-Fi background.  It is actually the Sci-Fi that is the focus here.

Malcolm is my favorite character.  He is funny and I like seeing how he works out things. Gotta love a main character that has to figure it out as the story goes.  The settings are neat and i hope to see some of the concept art if it exists. The dome peaceful city against the backdrop of the near post apocliptic looking runes below are really well described and paint quite a picture.

This book is short and well worth the time to read.


  1. Thank you for the review and interview!


  2. BTW, facebook flags your website! I reported it so hopefully I can share.

    1. Yeah sorry about that, I've contacted facebook before, they haven't been helpful.


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