Friday, May 24, 2013

Author Signing - David Sedaris

As you can see from this autograph David Sedaris is a very funny man and he also likes stickers.  :)

I got this book signed for my co-worker Pam because she agreed to work the night shift for me tonight at the library so I could go to the signing.  :) :)

A copy I got signed for a future giveaway I'll be having.

Went to the David Sedaris signing at The Bookworm, it was so much fun and I don’t think I’ve ever seen the place that packed.  I was also thrilled because I had my autograph line number already (#4) so I knew I'd be at the front portion of the line.  The crowd filled up The Bookworm which had rows of chairs inside and outside (because it’s not a very big store.) He read his story Dentists Without Borders. He’s such a great reader too (I might have to check out his audio books.) I’ve never seen a crowd of that many people so quiet/rapt with attention.  

Sedaris also read, Health Care Freedoms and Why I Want My Country Back which was hilarious.  This story was cool because it was one of the monologues included in the book. He’s done something great here because after meeting so many people that participated in Forensics he wanted to make something so they didn’t have to cut down his other work but instead had a ready made monologue that’s between seven and ten minutes.  I think this is brilliant because I participated in Forensics in college and now how good this material would be to have on hand.  

He said he keeps a diary and then read some entries to us all.  There were lots of laughs when he said that he’s been trying not to curse when the sun is out.  Of course that leave out a lot of his work and boy did he get around those swear words creatively.  He had one entry where he talked about all the Pro-Life signs he saw when he was in Minnesota (there are definitely a lot of these signs in Minnesota because I’ve seen a lot of them too while traveling.)  Then he stated some “facts” like, “Three weeks after conception an unborn baby can write a check.”  My other favorite line of his is when he said that people who have the handicapped spots shouldn’t have political opinions because you already got the best spot, shut the f-up.

A book that he highly recommends is The Book of My Lives by Aleksandar Hemon which the bookstore had one copy of.

The best line of the night had to be when Sedaris said, “I sound like a muppet.” This was by far the best line because he does really sound like a muppet.  :)  

The signing went smoothly and diabetics got priority signing for obvious reasons since it's part of the title of the book.  I'm not diabetic thankfully but still was at the front because of my great #4 line number.  I’m so glad that The Bookworm was able to host this awesome author because it was one heck of a night.

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