Thursday, May 2, 2013

Iconic Icons

Icons by Margaret Stohl

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4 gnomes out of 5 gnomes

This story is very different than what I’ve seen lately.  The world building is really intriguing and the characters will really start to grow on you.

What I love: The World
This world feels alien yet like something that could happen.  After an epic alien invasion kills over a billion people simultaneously there is pretty much no resistance to speak of.  The once major cities are now known as silent cities because that’s all that’s left there.  The aliens have absolute control and control all electricity too so people have to adapt or literally die.

What I Like: The Characters (well most of them)
I like that the characters have these powers, I find it a little weird that they are essentially named after what they can do or an effect of their power.  Their powers also struck me as a bit Captain Planet-ish because these characters are all about emotions/feelings.  I am very curious to whether more people with powers will be discovered.

What I’m very iffy about: The Love Triangle
The love triangle that kind of wanes and ebbs is interesting yes but I really don’t want a lot more of it.  Also I’m pretty much very against the choice she makes at the end.  I just can’t get over how the powers of one of the guys could be influencing the whole situation plus you should only be able to seemingly betray people once a story at most.

Why You Should Read This Book:
- Wonderful world building
- The bad guys are actually scary
- The characters really start to grow as the story progresses.
- If you want to read something that feels refreshing/new
- The crazy yet awesome situations at the end.

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