Friday, May 31, 2013

Armchair BEA Day 4 - Non-Fiction

Armchair BEA Day 4 Question - Non-Fiction
We bridge the genre gap from fiction to all things non-fiction.  Do you read non-fiction? Why or why not?  Is there a specific type of non-fiction that you prefer to read (i.e., historical, true crime, memoirs, biographies, etc.)?  What is the perfect book for a first-time non-fiction reader?

I don't read a lot of non-fiction but when I do I usually look for fun or weird topics.  I also love glancing through some of the art and photography books at the library where I work. It's fun to read non-fiction because it lets you learn something new.  I believe that the perfect book for a first-time non-fiction reader would be either a trivia/story type book or a book about whatever topic they are interested in or would love to learn about.

My Favorite Non-Fiction Series:

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader 
I love these books and have at least 15 of them.  You should see how many pages I've bookmarked to go back to later.  They are both informative and fun.  There are intriguing facts and some crazy stories. The mixture of funny and fact makes for some always interesting reading material.


  1. Well non fiction reading isn't too much my thing either! I read what takes my fancy, sometimes I might get out a book on quilting or some art and crafty take, not that I make anything - it's wishful thinking.
    My Non Fiction

    1. Yeah, I'm much more likely to read fiction books but non-fiction can be fun too. :)

      I'm the same way with those craft type books, I never am patient enough to finish anything.

  2. Learning is the BEST and that's exactly why I love nonfiction as much as I do.

    I've heard of those Uncle John books, my dad raves about them :)

    1. Nice, yes as cliche as it sounds I love to learn. It's always cool to be able to know interesting factoids.

      Well looks like your dad has good taste in reading material. :)

  3. Just had to say that I love your blog title and graphics! Very cute :D

    1. Thanks so much :) Glad you like the title/graphics.


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