Thursday, May 23, 2013

Alien Altercations + Political Style= Intrigue for Everyone

Alien in the House by Gini Koch

* Received from the publisher for review

4 gnomes out of 5 gnomes

The latest book in the Alien series continues to be full of fun and bursting with style/witty banter.  This one did have a whole lot of people dying too so it continues to ramp up the emotional impact of the series.  The stakes since the ending of the last book remain very high and things do intensify for everyone.

Characters I Love:
Reader, Olga, Kitty.  There’s always someone interesting in these books and even the background characters are intriguing/easy to root for.

Characters that I want to see more of:
Ace, Christopher, Walter, Reader.  That’s the problem of having so many characters if you’re like me you want to know/hear more abou them all the time.  I also want to see more aliens because whenever Kitty’s allies from the Alpha 4 system show up it’s never boring.

Characters that I’m suspicious of:
Vance, some of the hackers and pretty much all of the politicians.  That’s what happens though when the action now mostly takes place in the DC area.

Events I Wish There Were More of:
There was a lot less chaos/fallout then I expected when the whole A-C secret was pretty much advertised to the world.  (I was kind of expecting an all out war or something.)  I miss the giant fights but I’m pretty sure that just like in the old before Washington days that there will be plenty of problems in the future.

The way these books have been going I worry that one of the major characters will die because of one of the many schemes that go on.  

I am also worried that Jamie might turn into some kind of evil genius baby.  She’s adorable and everything but I think she might know too much too fast.  Or that she could potentially ala Star Wars go to the dark side.  

The Ending
The end saw some great politics in action and really shows that Kitty might just finally understand everything she has to do as an Ambassador.

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