Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Review - Episode One: The Shootout Solution (Genrenauts #1)

Episode One: The Shootout Solution (Genrenauts #1)

My Favorite Quotes/Lines:

“Discovery. New races, new kingdoms, new magics. I loved that when I opened a fantasy book or found a new author, I knew I was in for a tour through someone’s imagination.”

“My fantasy is less about the whips and the PVC, more about self-actualization and hope. And you know what? That’s just as sexy to me.”

“You never choose to be the Chosen One. You just are.”

“Mr. and Mrs. Tang didn’t raise no dumbass. Smartass, yes, but not dumb.”

“What’s with the rattling?” she yelled, distracting herself from her fear by complaining— a tactic she borrowed from pre-K kids everywhere.”


5 gnomes out of 5 gnomes

Now, this, this is a fun series. Talk about story-tastic if that's a word. The world building is awesome and you get immersed right away. This diverse set of characters makes for a fantastic read. Jumping into different genres is fascinating and the Western world was a good intro to this whole concept. Seeing things from the viewpoint of a new recruit is great too.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Sentence Sneak Peek - Episode One: The Shootout Solution (Genrenauts #1)

Genrenauts: The Complete Season One Collection by Michael R. Underwood

Sentence Sneak Peek:

The first sentence from each chapter of Episode One: The Shootout Solution (Genrenauts #1), it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)

Episode One: The Shootout Solution (Genrenauts #1)

“Mallery York pressed her back against the outer wall of the saloon while bullets flew on Main Street.”

“Leah Tang was dying on stage.”

“True to King’s word, about twenty minutes later, they arrived at a two-story-tall office building off I-97.”

“Leah held on for dear life, sitting with her back to the floor, gravity pulling like a tilt-a-whirl, minus the spinning.”

“Squinting, Leah looked down the sight of the heavy revolver at the tin cans and bottles that King and Roman had set up along the fence at the edge of the saloon property.”

“Leah woke to oppressively loud knocking on the door.”

“Leah kept her head low, running with her torso bent over her legs, the dust kicked up by bullets and shuffling proving enough concealment to make it across the street as the gunfire continued.”

“With the bandits dead, tied up, or gone, the Genrenauts returned to the dinner table in the kitchen.”

“The trip back from Western world was far smoother than the way over.”

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Picture Time

Owl Etching Valentines (so much fun.)

My New Skeleton Friend: Bernard Bonesly


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Review: Dreadnought

Dreadnought (Nemesis #1) by April Daniels

* Read via NetGalley for review

* Will be published on January 24, 2017

My Favorite Quotes/Lines:

“So all those great responsibilities that come with great power, those are really only yours if you want them to be.”

“Your trusting nature in these cynical times is a balm to my wounded soul.”

“I turn over on to my back and give them the finger as I pull for altitude.”

“Who cares if I stop looking like a supermodel? I just saved the whole goddamn world.

5 out of 5 gnomes

So so good. I absolutely adore reading great books about superheroes and this is one hundred percent a great new take on superheroes. This sounds spoilery but it’s in the description of the book: Danny, a transgender girl takes on the mantle of a traditionally male superhero. When she acquires her powers her whole body changes to the one she’s always dreamed of.

A transgender point of view plus superpowers equals a rather epic origin story for this new superhero. The whole world is set up well and feels lived in. There’s the whitecapes, graycapes, blackcapes, some mad science type goodness and a whole lot of in between. You know who the good capes should be but there’s a lot of questions too.

There are a lot of issues for Danny to overcome because of her to put it nicely, not so understanding parents and other people. That plus suddenly having a new body and superpowers equals lots of understandable problems.

My favorite character besides Danny is Calamity. She is an intriguing character. How she got her powers is pretty darn crazy/sad. Her character/personality makes you want to know more about her ASAP. I love her understanding/friendship with Danny oh and the old timey way she talks when in character. I also kind of ship her and Danny too, there’s definitely some chemistry there.

There are plenty of surprises in this story. That plus the really great ending make for a superhero read that you should check out ASAP.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Sentence Sneak Peek: Dreadnought

Dreadnought (Nemesis #1) by April Daniels

The first sentence from each chapter of Dreadnought, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Read via NetGalley for review
* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)

“This is taking too long.”

“A buzzing thrill shoots through me, all the way down to my toes.”

“It’s full dark now, and I’m still hidden here behind the tree near our driveway.”

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“Legion Tower is a landmark in New Port.”

“The briefing room is surreal because it’s exactly how I imagined it would be.”

“The wind pulls at my cape as I stand at the edge of the landing balcony at the top of Legion Tower.”

Minovsky_Particle has signed on.

Minovsky_Particle has signed on.

David doesn’t get over it, at least not today.”

Metal crumples around my shoulders.”

“The first thing I notice when I wake up is pain, but I feel good.”

“My final period is study hall, but I sign out from the classroom to take it in the library instead and then leave school early.”

“The new super suit is exactly the same as the old one in all respects, but I still can’t help but think it feels a little snug.”

“For a moment, I’m frozen.”

“It took a moment to get the hang of following Calamity from a few hundred feet up so I wouldn’t be spotted.

“Calamity scooches off the front of the building and drops two stories straight down with a flutter of her jacket.”

“Another note shows up in class calling me to the office.”

“The bar is called the Flying Dutchman, and it has no sign.”


“So we don’t find Utopia that weekend.”

“By the time I finish the final draft of an essay about Mistress Malice’s campaign for world domination (short version: with over a quarter million confirmed dead including thirty-nine heroes and a hundred and eighty-two fighter pilots, Mistress Malice remains the undisputed heavyweight champion of supervillains, even almost sixty years after her death), Sarah has become Calamity in everything but costume.”

“His name is Gerald and he just wanted to be special.

“Sarah calls in sick on Tuesday and doesn’t show up to school.”

Calamity taps on my window almost exactly at ten pm on Wednesday.”


“The blast flings me into some fallen machinery.”

“With hot water and several wads of paper towels, I wash Calamity’s blood and vomit from my chest.”

“The wind snaps at my cape as I power across town.”

“My eyes snap open.”

Gnarled fingers of black smoke curl like some enormous claw rising from the train yards.”

“Air raid sirens rise in wailing crescendos over the city.”

“In the fight’s first half-second, explosions ripple up my chest, neck, and face.”

Four mecha, one of me, and last time I tried this they kicked me around like a soccer ball.”

“Up through the air like a shot, through the sound barrier, and across the skyline.

“The world peels away and leaves behind a scarlet haze.”

“Doc Impossible retakes control of Legion Tower’s systems and flushes the nerve gas from the briefing room.”

Friday, January 13, 2017

Weekend Read - Genrenauts

This serialized story looks like a lot of fun so I decided to check it out. Fixing different genre stories just sounds really interesting. I mean with this tag line, "When Stories Break, You Send in the Genrenauts!" who wouldn't want to check it out.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Review - A List of Cages

A List of Cages by Robin Roe

* Read via NetGalley for review

2 out of 5 gnomes

This was not at all what I was expecting from the description. I thought there would be more depth to everything.

The story about Julian and Adam is okay but it feels lacking in a couple of areas. I think I wanted to know more about them. Plus they make some spectacularly bad decisions.

There is a lot of abuse in the story, so be warned it’s not exactly light reading.

The lack of communication bothered me the most, also the story seemed to be arbitrarily split into two parts for some reason.

The communication is definitely a problem because Adam seems to be really close to his mom but still can't figure out when he needs to talk to her ASAP. Plus with all the zero tolerance policies etc... around today you would like to think the school would have noticed something was wrong.

The ending was the best part of the book because it was super tense and really made you wonder what was going to happen.