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Review - The Gargoyle Gets His Girl

The Gargoyle Gets His Girl by Kristen Painter

4 gnomes and a gnome hat out of 5 gnomes

Gargoyle-tastic aka I really love gargoyles.

This series continues to be a blast to read. I adore how much mythology is crammed into each book. This book shows you fae, gargoyles, and a little more about the vampires and the inner workings of the town.

It’s great learning more about Nick and gargoyles in general. His backstory really makes you feel for him. I’m glad he’s becoming more involved with the town.

Willa too had a rather surprising backstory of her own. She is one very interesting fae. It was cool learning more about her magic and how she makes the jewelry she sells.

Once again though you think you have the mystery figured out, then a twist gets thrown in. This twist was truly entertaining and went places I wasn’t expecting.

I can’t wait to see what’s next from this series.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

My Favorite Quotes/Lines - The Gargoyle Gets His Girl by Kristen Painter

The Gargoyle Gets His Girl by Kristen Painter

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)

“At least she had her work. And her cat.”

“Comfortable was really another word for boring.”

“I’m one of the rarer leviathan-class gargoyles.”

“She’d made a plea to him and sealed it with an offering of stone. It was a ritual as old as both their bloodlines.”

“The only fashion statement this man needed to make was walking into a room.”

“Having her in his house felt like he’d been given a gift. Like Christmas morning and New Year’s Eve all rolled into one.”

“Two house sparrows and a leviathan class gargoyle soaring through the sky like some kind of strange Disney movie.”

“I can’t help that I’m universally appealing.”

“There are greater ties than blood.”

“Love was the most curious thing.”

Monday, August 24, 2015

Sentence Sneak Peek - The Gargoyle Gets His Girl

The Gargoyle Gets His Girl by Kristen Painter

The first sentence from each chapter of The Gargoyle Gets His Girl, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)

“Platinum had a mind of its own.”

“Nick Hardwin drove through the streets of Nocturne Falls with one thought on his mind.”

“An hour after opening her shop, Willa sat at the counter, a velvet tray in front of her.”

“Willa had closed the shop, gone upstairs to her apartment, fed Jasper, then herself (which was the order Jasper preferred) and finally settled on the couch with a glass of wine to watch a little TV.”

“Willa opened her store promptly at ten, having changed her mind about going to see the sheriff, because it was no longer necessary.”

“Willa let Nick walk her back to the shop, but said goodbye to him outside.”

“His shift at the fountain over, Nick now sat across from Sheriff Merrow.”

“Nick held the door for Willa as they left Guillermo’s.”

“It was almost midnight by the time they walked back to Nick’s place, but the evening was balmy and quiet and the walk wasn’t far.”

“Nick almost ran into Willa in the kitchen.”

“Nick leaned against the wall of Merrow’s office, too tense to sit.”

“Nick watched Willa shake her head and sigh as she stared out the shop windows from behind the back counter.”

“Willa finished turning on all the display case lights before sliding past Nick on the way to the office.”

“Willa’s wrists and ankles were secured with duct tape.”

Zane backhanded Nick, his arm slashing through the air as his mouth contorted.”

“Willa fell to her knees against the wooden dowels.”

“Willa woke, surprised she’d slept, but glad she had.”

“The current of emotions raging through Willa made it almost impossible for her to speak.”

“Willa hadn’t been in the castle since her seventh birthday, after she’d been tested and discovered to be lapidus.”

“Willa followed her mother into the kitchen, but her mother ignored the cold storage and went straight to the table.”

“Morning came bright and cheerful, but that wasn’t how Nick was feeling a few hours later as he stood beside Willa at the doors to the great hall.”

“Willa did the only thing she could think of.”

“Chaos swirled around them, but Nick blocked all of that out.”

“As soon as Shay left his side to go up on the dais with Willa, Nick slipped back into the crowd.”

“Twilight had fallen by the time Nick swooped down into his backyard.”

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Weekend Read - Black Widow: Forever Red

I love the Marvel Universe and can’t wait to read more about Black Widow and see how this new character plays into everything.

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Review - The Werewolf Meets His Match

The Werewolf Meets His Match by Kristen Painter

4 gnomes out of 5 gnomes

I really adore this series. All the characters have such unique stories that you will want to know more about them all ASAP. I like how each book has a dual point of view and how it follows a different character in each book. Yet you get to see characters from past books too.

This book lets you learn more about the werewolves in town. Hank’s the sheriff but also next in line to be the Alpha wolf. With being a future Alpha politics definitely come into play. He quickly finds out that he has to get married to cement a truce between two packs.

Ivy, the wolf he has to marry has plenty of trouble to deal with even beyond the whole arranged marriage deal. Let’s just say her father is not exactly the nicest guy. Ivy is not really who you would expect a cop to marry but that’s what makes it really interesting.

Their chemistry is great. You’ll probably see some of the problems before they happen and figure out some of the twists but I doubt you find them all.

The final act of the book was full of surprises and I really like where everything and everyone ended up. I foresee some more interesting developments in future books. I can’t recommend this series enough especially if you like paranormal romances with a great concept and characters.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My Favorite Quotes/Lines - The Werewolf Meets His Match

The Werewolf Meets His Match by Kristen Painter

“There was something about her, something powerful that drew him to her like a dog to a bone. Or a red-blooded man to a hot biker chick.”

“I’m going to woo you.”

“I’m not always so good with words but this way I can show you.”

“He opened his mouth, then closed it again. he had no idea if he had a vase.”