Friday, May 13, 2011

Gnarly Gnome

* Pardon the repost, Blogger ate the original so I had to add it again, will probably delete this post if the original ever magically appears again.

On Free Comic Book Day I was on Twitter and won a sketch from A.M. Tuomala, author of
Erekos.  I of course asked for a gnome and this drawing is the awesome result.  

I have named this new gnome Sir Leopold the Library Gnome and I shall have him on the sidebar of the blog as a new mascot.


  1. That? That is AWESOME. Her myriad creative skills never fail to astonish me.

  2. @Kate, I agree it is very awesome. I was very happy to win this great sketch and plan to proudly display it on the sidebar of the blog. :)


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