Saturday, May 28, 2011

Armchair BEA - Recap of the Week

This was a really fun event to take part in.  This week I got to learn some more about the different ways people blog and meet a lot of really cool people.  The highlights for me were the Twitter parties, the interviews, meeting new bloggers, and finding more blogs to follow.  I would definitely take part in this event again because it's a great look at what does happen at BEA and at the many different kinds of people that write book blogs. :)

Here's everything I posted this week so feel free to read any posts you might have missed and of course enter my Book Haiku Contest for $25 to The Book Depository:


  1. The Twitter party was fun! I wish I could have participated more but as co-facilitator it was hard. It was a great way for people to 'meet' each other though.

  2. @Chrisbookarama, Yes that party was fun and really flew by, plus I found a lot more people to follow on Twitter. Overall it was a really great event and I'll probably be participating next year and continue to as long as the event is being put on. :)


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