Friday, May 6, 2011

Elusive Eden

Once Upon A Time In Space by Heather Massey
* Was asked to review this book by author Heather Massey, received it from NetGalley

This book is definitely a
4 tiara wearing bats out of 5 bats story.

The setting is a bleak but more then possible future world. This seems like something that could feasibly happen if people continue to abuse the Earth and drain it of its resources. Seeing this realistic portrayal of what could happen when the earth is continuously abused and drained of its resources is enough to make anybody pay attention.

This is one of those great erotica stories that, honestly with how well written and developed the story is, I would be looking for it in the adventure romance section.

I like that in this we get two different stories in one and watch how they fold into each other. You have the sexy vixen space pirate's story of how she became a pirate and lost her eye. Then on the other side of the story you have the long shot distant descendant of Christopher Columbus who is on a mission for a very interesting scientist.

Great characters. Very personable.  The two main characters come together at first as what I think is best described as groping and guns and it just gets better from there.  I like the fact that everything is explained in laymen terms because the captain is a land lubber and he needs all the same explanations about the technology like I do.  As much as I like the captains you gotta love the crews too, especially Twitch. The more you meet and see all of both of the crews, the more you love them.

A great adventure to find a new world and the love story that evolves around it.  This is a wonderful read for any night. 
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