Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Resolute Renegade

This super book gets an awesome 4 gnomes and a gnome hat out of 5 gnomes.  This book is a great mix of a rather snarky yet relatable main character and a comic book type world full of superheroes and villains.

This book kind of feels like a comic book as you read it, it's easy to visualize the characters and everything that goes on.  In this world superheroes and villains are everywhere and easy to identify.  I love the explanation about how it's decided whether a person will be a hero or villain.  Both sides created a virus to reveal what a person will be at the age of sixteen, a person will either get an H or a V, it all depends on their parentage.  Damien is all set to celebrate receiving his V when something unexpected happens.  Apparently his Mom has a secret.

Damien is the kind of villain that funny enough I imagine my sister being.  He always has something to say and is finding a way out of bad situations.  He has some brilliant ways of seeking revenge that are also pretty darn funny.  His use of scorpions and tricks with shampoo are both vindictive yet fitting for the situation.

Both the villains and heroes have prejudices against the other and they even have their own universities.  Damien thinks that he's a shoe-in to get into the best villain school but not everyone feels the same way.  This story raises some interesting thoughts about the whole nature versus nurture debate and the gray areas that are a part of being a villain or a hero.  I think that this will probably continue in future books, at least from how the story ends.  

The friends that Damien makes are also intriguing.  His ex-girlfriend Kat is a villain who can shapeshift, which gets her into plenty of trouble.  The other girl he shows an interest in is kind of the class weirdo, so the contrast between the two is another great quirk to the story.  

Damien's one weakness/fear is wonderfully ironic with the events that happen in the story.  The story also has a kind of a choose your own adventure type feel to it and the reader finds out that because of Damien's unique situation, the choices he makes will greatly impact his future.  

Overall this is a great book with a story that flies by, I would highly recommend this book to anyone that likes the superhero genre/comics.  This story will leave you wondering what choices Damien will make next and where those choices will lead.


  1. Gonna HAVE to read this - you know I love superhero stories!

  2. @Kate, You should, it's a really funny book full of villains and superheroes. :)


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