Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Matchbox Girls Blog Tour

Here at Bibliognome, I'm happy to present for your perusal the first day of the blog tour for Matchbox Girls by Chrysoula Tzavelas. 

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“Character Backstage”

Matchbox Girls
Chrysoula Tzavelas


Today's interviewer at Character Backstage is Penny Karzan. In-story, she plays the role of “best friend.” She's interviewing Zachariah Thorne.

Penny: So, here we are! I'm interviewing Zachariah Thorne, who's been spending a whole lot of time around my best friend. Wow. You are tall, dark and handsome, aren't you?

Zachariah: I refuse to believe Marley ever described me that way.

Penny: Well, no. I had to kind of read between the lines. But okay, okay, on with the interview. Backstage rumor says you're older than you look.

Zachariah: Many people are.

Penny: How old are you?

Zachariah: No comment.

Penny: Hey, that's not fair! Can you—can he just “no comment” interview questions? Oh, fine. What do you do for a living, Mr. Thorne?

Zachariah: I make investments.

Penny: Can you go into more detail?

Zachariah: No.

Penny: You know, I don't think I like you very much. All right, we'll try again. I hear you've got two kids that you're raising alone.

Zachariah: Two little girls, yes. Kari and Lissa. Twins. They take up quite a bit of my time. 

Penny: I bet you stand out a little at playgroup, hey? Marley says they're your nieces, not your daughters. That's convenient. How long have you been their guardian?

Zachariah: I've been taking care of them since they were born. And please don't ask what happened to their parents, because I don't want to talk about it.

Penny: Thanks for the warning. But there's something else I want to know about more. So... Mr. Thorne. You're rich, older than you look, and mysterious. Hardly a typical daddy figure. Did you take care of the babies yourself, or did you have a nanny?

Zachariah: I took care of them myself.

Penny: Even the dirty diapers?

Zachariah: Yes.

Penny: Really?

Zachariah: Why so surprised, Miss Karzan?

Penny: Well… you know. Dirty diapers. You don’t strike me as the kind of man who gets his hands dirty. Like, you have people for that.

Zachariah: [laughing] I’m a—much older than I look. Dirty diapers are hardly the worst thing I’ve had my hands in. Relatively unique, but not the worst. Not by far.

Penny: Oh. That sounds ominous. Now I’m really worried for Marley. Why are you spending so much time with her?

Zachariah: The children are fond of her. I like her, too.

Penny: The children first, eh?

Zachariah: Always, Miss Karzan. Always.

And that’s all we have time for today. Thanks, Penny and Zachariah!

Tune in for the next Character Backstage on February 21 at The Discriminating Fangirl,! In the meantime, check out Chrysoula’s guest post at Fantasy Nibbles,, tomorrow, February 16! And don’t forget to join the discussion here and then stop by the Candlemark & Gleam blog to get your entry in our Matchbox Girls giveaway!

Marley Claviger is just trying to get her life together. Stumbling into an ancient conflict between celestial forces is going to make that a whole lot harder...

When Marley wakes up to a phone call from a pair of terrified children, she doesn’t expect to be pulled into a secret war. She rescues them from an empty house and promises to find their missing uncle. She even manages to feed them dinner. But she barely feels competent to manage her own life, let alone care for small children with strange, ominous powers...

And when a mysterious angelic figure shows up and tries to claim the girls, it all falls apart...

Plagued by visions of disaster, Marley has no idea what she's gotten herself into, but she knows one thing: magical or not, the kids need her.

Matchbox Girls by Chrysoula Tzavelas will be published in paperback and digital form by Candlemark & Gleam on February 21, 2012. You can pick up a copy through the Candlemark & Gleam website (, where all paperbacks come with a free digital edition, or through your favourite indie or mainstream book source.

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  1. What a great start to this blog tour (and what a cool idea). I'm intrigued.

  2. This definitely seems like it's going to be an interesting book.

  3. Your quizzy thing doesn't seem to work under Safari. I can see the question, and click on 'save', but not type.

  4. That's the first time I've seen a trailer for this one. I'm very interested in this one. The name, the cover, they are all pulling me in.


  5. Oh, there was a specific question. Well, I've got two already so I'd just add them to the group, do a happy dance because they are girls and I have boys so it would even things out and try to meet their emotional needs first. Food,clothes, the essentials are easy, but if they suffered a loss, I'd be worried about how it would affect them. Luckily I'm personally building a vacation home for a psychiatrist so I think I would have someone they could visit.


  6. This book sounds FANTASTIC! It's definitely going on my "To Buy" list!!


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