Friday, February 24, 2012

Mini Reviews - Black Dagger Brotherhood Edition

I've recently become sucked into the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.  I've kind of been on a spree lately, I read the 2nd one and then the third book right away and now I'm on to the 4th.  The Brothers are what really draws you in and the world is intense.

I loved this book much more then the first one.  That's probably because now I'm more used to all the different vocab and all the little intricacies of this world.  This book really helped flesh out Rhage more as a character and showed that he's much more than a pretty face.  Mary Luce is a great counterpoint to Rhage and I liked seeing the human point of view on everything.  The effect that she has on him really improves his character and finding out more about his beast curse was interesting.  Their relationship grows slowly because they have to learn to trust each other.  The ending of this book made me smile because it gives you hope for them to have a happy future and also sets up the next book very well. 

Wow, Zsadist's story is intense to say the least.  Also love how strong the characters are in this story.  Bella is not one to back down and either is Zsadist so they're pretty much perfect for each other.  Their relationship is complicated but with how hard they work it really makes you root for them.  The relationship between Zsadist and his twin Phury is also intriguing.  There are plenty of surprises in the story to with some of the side stories.  I was really surprised by a death that happened and it really make you wonder what's going to happen next.  I really loved the ending of this story even though I kind of saw the twist coming it was still great.


  1. Great review! I LOVE this series, I love some books more than other. My favorites books of the serie so far are Lover Mine and Lover Awakened.

    1. Thanks :)Yeah, I really loved Lover Awakened too and how you get to learn so much about each character.


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