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Worth Writing

Hi, Tiny Reverse Vampire here - Have you ever had a great idea for a story but weren't sure if it was just good in your head or more? I think all of us have had that happen at one point. I know it happens to me a lot. 

If you have a short story or a start to a story that you want people's opinions on, I think you will like our newest feature here at Bibliognome called Worthy Writing. I will even go first, please send in your submissions so we can feature you in the next post. Below is a start for a series I have had in my head for a while. I don't have a name for it but it sounds interesting in my head so let me know what you think. I have more but here is the intro. Let me know if you think it is worth writing.

The crystal plains. The souls haven. A limbo of sorts. This is the place where many both fantastic and mundane reside. All realms and all creatures of every type have a possible link to here. If a soul is strong enough is the main key. If you have the will not to return to the rift of nonexistence this is where you may find yourself some day. From where you are, what we just call the origin realm, there are two main ways to get here. Death and well lets just use your title for it, insanity. There are other ways but these are the main two that are most commonly seen.
    Luke’s eyes open.  The room looks like a nice sleeping room.  Looks like it could have come from one of those magazines showing stereotypical county style cottages.  A woman walks in. She looks generally average. Dark brown hair,kind smile, knowing eyes.

“Ah good you are awake,” she says as she sees that his eyes are open.
He cringes “I feel like I was hit by a truck.”
She smiles,”Could be we have had that happen before. Sometimes death is the only way that people are able to make it to these plains.”
“Plains?” He gives her a sideways look.
Looking around,”...but this place looks like just a normal house.”
She looks at him and mimes jokingly as though scolding a small child, “Yeah, like I said, you are not the first to just suddenly show up here.” She looks at him questioningly, “Not everyone is open minded as you seem to be so we try to make this house look as neutral and normal as we can.  It is to help with the transition to the mental plains.”
“OK,” he says raising a finger in the ah ha I got it jester, “so what you're saying is I have gone insane.”
“Possibly, but I don't know how likely that is from the condition you were in when you got here.”
Luke flexes checking his body and trying to loosen up his muscles, “Condition, what do you mean? Besides the hit by a truck ache I feel fine.”
“That is because it was Angel that found you.”
“Our best healer,”she looks at him as though making sure he is still there, “and from what she tells me even she nearly lost you back to the rift a few times.”
“So I nearly died?”
She looks uncomfortable, “That would probably be the easiest way to think about it.”
He looks around, “Hey if this place is supper normal compared to the rest of this place what does everything else look like?”
“Well for starters I call this place the crystal plains because a good portion of the landscape on this landmass is made up of a crystal substance.” She looks over her shoulder towards the door.
“That's cool,” he said back, “Hey did Angel have wings?”
“No,” She smiles at the question “she is just named Angel. She personally is not one.”
“Sad,” he frowns, “I wanted to see someone with wings.”
“Oh you will.” looking at him questioningly, “Do you mind if I ask? You seem to be taking this better then most. Not that I am complaining, but is there any reason why?”
“I don't really know,” he shrugs, “I have always been one to follow my instincts and I feel drawn to this place.  It feels somehow welcoming.”

In the background a door is heard opening and closing. “Libby are you heres?”
“We are in the living room Maybe," Libby says over her shoulder towards the voice.  Looking back towards Luke, Libby raises an eyebrow questioningly “ready to meet some more members of our unique little family?”
“Sure” he responds.
In walks a very small cute dog with a tiny man riding it as thought it was a horse.
“Now that is cool,”Luke stares open mouthed,”the tiny person looks so real.”
“I am real my good sir,”says Jal.
Luke leans down very close,”look at the tiny..”
“Um,” Libby raises a finger trying to interject.
“Please don’t.”
“His face already red at the size comments Jal goes purple at the word fairy.
Luke flies across the room and is pined to the wall by an unseen force.
“Let him down Jal,” the puppy says,”you are going to hurt him son and he just got here.’
“But he,” starts Jal still looking as though he wishes to throttle Luke.
“Jalanixu release him now!” bellows Libby.
Luke falls to the floor.
Looking at Jal so he can see that she is not happy Libby lists off her points, “your wings were cloaked, which a trick more commonly used by the light fae, he is new to this plain and does not know the edict for talking to species that he did not know existed before he woke up today, and you know better then to use your abilities in this house of all places..” “Go now to the tower and get some more damn lessons on self control.”
Jal's shoulder drops as wicked looking blood red wings appear at his shoulder. Without another word glaring at Luke, he flies from the house.
“He is ... Intense”
Maybe walks up to Luke, “My son really is not bad, he just got that whole pixie pride thing a bit worse then the rest of my kids.”
Tilting his head sideways at the talking dog in front of him Luke ask “He's your kid?”
“ah huh”
“and you are a talking dog?”
“Yep name is Maybe, nice to meet you.” Maybe sticks out a paw to shake.
Luke shakes the paw and looks at Libby, “Now this one is going to take some getting used to.”
Speaking of getting used to, Maybe should we be giving him the tour or finding out which lower realm he will fall to?
 “He gonna stick around," Maybe leans forwards and licks Luke’s fingers.
Luke jerks back in sudden surprise and pain.
“Yikes is your tongue made out of fire, that hurt”
Wagging his tail,”My tongue is normal your fingers are just frozen.”
Luke looks down at his fingers which look cracked and frost bitten,”What the...”
“An Iccen?” Libby asks looking over.
“That surfaced fast must mean he’ll be very strong”
“The kailthases will be thrilled”
“Dont forget about Aartimis.”
“She will finally have some one to work and compare abilites with besides the phionixes”
Maybe looks slightly worried,”if he is gonna play with her I hope he can fight,can he fight?”
“Luicifer can teach him if he can’t.”

Luke standing seconds ago, eyes swing back and forth like watching a tennis match between Libby and Maybe as they talk, is now sitting on the floor.
Maybe climbs into his lap.”Pet me for a while while you take it all in it helps.”
Libby and Maybe exchange glances.
“I got him you can go.”
Libby nodes and leaves.

*Let me know in the comments what you think about this start of a story and whether it's worth writing.
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