Friday, February 10, 2012

My Favorite Quotes - Of Poseidon

Of Poseidon by Anna Banks

* Book will be released May 22, 2012

* ARC read via Around The World ARC Tours

"I'm betting Cinderella didn't feel this foolish, but then again, Cinderella wasn't as clumsy as an intoxicated walrus."

"Oh, and I need to know where Jersey is and if I have enough money to buy it."

"Mortified? No. Mortified is when you experiment with tan-ning lotion and forget to put some on your feet, so it looks like you're wearing socks with your flip-flops and sundress."

"If stupid were a disease, I'd have died from it by now."

"BEING A straight-A student doesn't guarantee anyone com-mon sense."

"Maybe you can talk to donkeys, too," Dr. Milligan smiles.  Emma nods. "I can. Sometimes Galen can be a jackass."

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