Friday, May 10, 2013

My Favorite Quotes/Lines - New Lands by Geoff Rodkey

New Lands by Geoff Rodkey

* ARC received from the publisher for review

“Viewed up close, the Blue Sea wasn’t all that blue, and I wondered—for the umpteenth time in the past few days—who had named it that, and why they hadn’t bothered to get it right.”

“In the whole time I’d know him, I’d never seen him smile for more than a second or two.  It was kind of unsettling, to be honest.”

“It didn’t matter that he wouldn’t believe me.  I knew the truth.  And any man who thought ugly fruit was a delicacy had no busi-ness telling me what books were worth reading.”

“Guts shrugged.  “Fine.  I’ll kill 'im for ye.

“...or my embarrassing inability to fart silently after meals,...”

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