Monday, May 13, 2013

Gnome Story - Mother's Day Gnome

* a gnome story by my Mom :)

One sunny Mother's Day, Mama Gnome woke up to find her little gnomes nowhere in site. She started to worry and fret but soon soon she saw little purple and yellow gnome hats bouncing around two yards down.  She yelled for her baby gnomes, "Get your little gnome butts back here!" Then the hats disappeared.  Mama Gnome though, was she seeing things?   

She proceeded to sit out on the front porch drinking her coffee.  Soon she thought she saw the little purple and yellow gnome hats again two yards down the other direction.  Then they disappeared again.  Soon Mama got tired of looking for her little gnomes.  It was Mother's Day so she decided to take a nap and soon she fell asleep to the warm gentle breeze of the day.  

Loud clatter and screams awoke her.  Her neighbors on both sides were shouting, "Where are my flowers!"  As she startled awake she realized she was covered in flowers. Her baby gnomes had stolen all the flowers from both sides and seeing her awake they said, "Happy Mother's Day."

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