Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My Favorite Quotes/Lines - Hellhole

Hellhole by Gina Damico

“Seventeen-year-old Max Kilgore suffered from the unfortunate curse of having a name that was far cooler than the person it was attached to.”

“Trouble was something that kids with piercings and sculpted calf muscles got into, and as he had neither, he toed the line like a perpetually paranoid parolee.”

“The purr-fect crime,” he whispered, followed by a strong urge to punch himself.”

“Max was not adapting well to the criminal life.”

“Plus, Tom Hanks gave him hope. The man’s head looked like a loaded baked potato, yet he always got the girl in the end.”

“Max had the flirting ability of a packing peanut.”

“I don’t think I could eat a baby anything. Except baby corn. Those things are so weird. It’s like, are you real corn, or were you shrunk down by a shrinking ray, or what’s going on here?”

“May I call you Shovel?”

“Interesting. You’re not as dumb as you look, sound, and act.”

“If there’s anything on earth more delicious that a hot, dead pig, I don’t want to know about it.”

“Are you sure you don’t go to a . . . special school?”

“I’ve known you for about ten minutes and you’ve almost died twice. Think you can get to your house without contracting smallpox?”

“We can’t love it when a plan comes together if the plan doesn’t come together, right?”

“This is Russell. Russell Crowebar.”

“He was basically required to stay fifty feet away from flirting at all times.”

Don’t say anything about veal, don’t say anything about veal.

“Nothing with googly eyes can be menacing.”

“There are way too many ‘probablys’ in this plan of yours.”

“Max, it turned out, was a loud drunk.”

Nothing is better than embroidery!

“You gotta use that accessories wall wisely, bro.”

“Self-narrating was yet another one of Drunk Max’s finer qualities.”

“You’re a smart kid, Max, but you seem to have a great deal of difficulty comprehending plural pronouns. Yes, we.”

“Cats are evil.”

“I’m so glad we found a common interest,” she said.”

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