Wednesday, October 1, 2014

You too can see YA Heaven

Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld

5 out of 5 gnomes

Oh this book, this book, this book let me tell you about this book. This book is a breath of fresh air and will make you think about authors, writing, and stories and how exactly everything with writing and books goes together.

It’s a complicated yet awesome concept that uses alternate chapters very well as you hear both Lizzie and Darcy’s story. It’s a mixture of contemporary and paranormal YA so it has a little bit of everything yet each story kind of stays in it’s own separate sphere. This book is hard to explain but it's different in a very meta/interesting kind of way.

You’re reading the story about an author of a book, the publishing process pretty much what the author goes through, and the book that author’s writing. Along with the author's relationship and how she changes the book. Overall an indepth look at the writing process and the crazy ride of publishing.

There are a lot of great/intense relationships in the book. I liked Darcy and Imogen's relationship because it's messy and definitely not perfect. They really have to work for their goals.

This mashed together book is so good that I would love to read the complete stories mentioned/each individual thread would make a great single book too.

I adore both the endings of Afterworlds (the book within the book called Afterworlds and the end of Darcy’s last chapter in the book.) I wish more YA novels and everything else I read ended like this with sometimes unhappy yet perfect endings.

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