Friday, October 17, 2014

My Favorite Quotes/Lines - The Blood of Olympus

“Piper didn’t look dangerous, but if the need arose, she could dual-wield Celestial bronze blades or shoot her enemies in the face with ripe mangoes.”

“You can’t choose your parentage. But you can choose your legacy.”

“He wasn’t going to let anyone break his family apart.”

“And flash him!” Annabeth’s face reddened. “That came out wrong. But yeah, good idea.”

“What happened in Albania would stay in Albania.”

“At least the statue didn’t rumble, “DIE, UNBELIEVERS!” and zap the mortals to dust.”

“Around the camp, Coach Hedge had rigged all sorts of trip wires, snares, and oversized moustraps that wouldn’t stop any self-respecting monster, but they might very well bring down a senior citizen.”

“Hey, I’m a Poseidon kid,” he said. “I can’t drown. And neither can my pancakes.”

“They were cheesy and corny—two of his favorite qualities.”

“I’m awesome! Do I win a leaf hat now?”

“My children are so rarely happy. I… I would like to see you be an exception.”

“Then perhaps we are alike in some important ways.”

“Climb, ya silly non-goats! Hedge yelled.”

“Let it scare you. Trust that it’ll be okay anyway.”

“Thalia looked more like the girl who robbed all-American boys at knifepoint in an alley.”

“Are—are you trying to plant me? he murmured.”

“We have come to save you. Hooray for us!”

“You should have to make someone’s heart whole. That was a much better test.”

“Jason decided that there was nothing in the world scarier than a gang of bat-wielding grannies.”

Getting a second life is one thing. Making it a better life, that’s the trick.”

“Good. So you may be dense, but you’re not an idiot.”

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