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Review - The Blood of Olympus

The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan

Tiny Reverse Vampire’s Opinion

4 out of 5 gnomes

Ahhh, I can’t believe this was the last book of this series. Did I really like this series, well yes. While I liked this last book I didn’t love it like I did The Last Olympian (the last book from the previous series.) I think the previous book was better than this one and I don’t know I think I just wanted more. Saying all that though I know I can’t wait to read Riordan’s next series about the Norse gods.

The original series had a better pace with fewer character points of view but it was still nice to get to see the different points of view.

Everything was so fast paced and yet the book was over before I knew it. Gaea is finally taken out but it also felt like it shouldn't have taken that long for them to figure out that what happened was their only solution.

The Good:

  • All the characters, I really found a reason to like all of the characters even ones I didn’t like so much originally. Take Piper, she really came into her own in this book. Her skills really improved.
  • I do like knowing everybody’s fate and inferring how it turns out for everyone.
  • Reyna and Nico were my favorites of this book.
  • I could read a whole book just about her, her sister, and the Amazons.
  • The trio of Reyna, Nico, and Coach Hedge is pretty darn formidable and made their chapters awesome.
  • Nico is a real star in this book too.

The Bad:

  • Percy and Annabeth really should have had at least one point of view chapter, I know they had a lot in the last book but come on the whole series is pretty much based on Percy.
  • As Tiny Reverse Vampire reminded me she really missed not having any Frank POV chapters. I think it’s weird too because Frank was kind of made out to be a very important character but then...not much.
  • I really wanted more answers especially at the end.
  • Events were telegraphed just a tad too much, I think I wanted more danger.

The Stuff I Still Want to See:

  • I think I just want more history about what becomes of these characters.
  • Awaiting the short story about what becomes of Leo.

My feelings about this book are a bit crazy and all over the place. I still had to smile at the end that most of the characters got especially the last chapter. A series well worth reading that if you like mythology you should definitely check out.

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