Friday, October 10, 2014

Author Event/Signing - Lemony Snicket

This was the funniest author event I have ever been to. Before it even started he just kind of meanders all around the room messing with anything he sees like a screen cord which I heard him say something like, “ahh a tiny noose.”

Everyone in the room was so engaged with what he was saying. From the elementary class in the front to people of just about every other age in that place it was really an electric kind of crowd.

The best line had to be during the game show he had going on when he stated that, "Everything they say about Omaha is true they love bells and don't know where Paris is." (this was after the audience had clapped after the contestants just tried the bell they had and when the little kid contestants had no idea Paris is in France.)

He actually walked around while doing his reading of the first chapter of the first book in the All the Wrong Questions series and proceeded to act out the chapter with people from the audience.

If Lemony Snicket has an event in your town then I highly recommend that you check it out because it was really a great time.


  1. We are thrilled you attended the event! Pretty sure those who didn't attend may be remorseful; Lemony Snicket is quite the entertainer. We had a lot of fun, too.

    1. Thanks, yes I know I'd be remorseful if I hadn't attended. :) Yeah it was a very entertaining night and lots of fun.


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