Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bookish Awesomeness - Demigods of Olympus App

I found out about this app after reading The Blood of Olympus (because it talked about it at the back of the book.)  I love the Percy Jackson series and I also love choose your own adventure books. This app kind of combines the two and your choices will lead you on your demigod path. The first story is free and the next is like $3. I’m just sad that there’s only two books out so far because I want the story to keep going just to see where it goes. Overall a really cool idea.

Here’s what my Demigod File says:

Rebecca Sharpe
Demigod Status: Confirmed
Descended from: UNKNOWN
Fatal Flaw: UNKNOWN
Last Update: Recently identified;
                         new recruit

Strength: physical strength
Weaknesses: moody, jealous
Identifiers: dark freckle on left eye.

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