Thursday, October 16, 2014

Question of the Week - What did you think of the last Heroes of Olympus book?

I personally loved about 90 percent of it, the final battle was awesome yet kind of a letdown because the final solution was kind of telegraphed before hand. Saying that though I still like the endings that you see for the characters/what you can infer their lives might end up like. I just wish the last chapter had been elaborated on more and well when it ended I was looking for more story...


  1. I felt a bit underwhelmed with the ending *spoilery* ... We've been building up to the finale for 5 books but Gaia is defeated before she even does anything which I found bizarre, especially considering she's caused more mischief and damage while asleep.

    Some more of my thoughts are in my review if you would be so kind to have a look at. :)

    1. Yes, I think that's what bothered me about the book too because she was supposed to be the biggest big bad ever and then their solution is something I'm pretty sure could have been accomplished easier...


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