Sunday, February 6, 2011

Born at Midnight - My favorite quotes/lines

Here's some lines/quotes from Born at Midnight that will show you why it's such a fun read full of paranormal goodness.

*All quotes/lines taken from an ARC I read via Different Area Codes tours

"God, maybe it was one of those drug toads, the ones people licked to get high."

"She didn't know which was worse: licking a toad to get high or carrying a toad around just to be weird."

"And oh, I'm a freak, too, but they don't know what kind yet."

"You come anywhere near my breasts again and it won't be your ear I drag you out by next time."

"All the crappiness of the day, of the last few weeks, zeroed in on this high and mighty B with an itch, and the scared-rabbit feeling faded."

"Oh great.  She could be a hybrid.  Just like her sociology teacher's car."

"I'm not only a freak, but a virgin freak."

"Nothing is worse than a vampire fart.  Except..."  She looked at the screen and started typing.  "Except a witch's fart after she eats a bean burrito."

"Oh, crap.  Was she dead?"

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