Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sentence Sneak Peek - Demonglass

Demonglass by Rachel Hawkins

The first sentence from each chapter of Demonglass, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read. 

*All quotes/lines taken from an ARC I read via Different Area Codes tours
*Spoilers are highlighted :)

"At a normal high school, having class outside on a gorgeous May day is usually pretty awesome."

"For the second time in six months, I found myself sit-ting in Mrs. Casnoff's office, wrapped in a blanket."

"It took me a good thirty minutes to find Cal."

"Three weeks later, I left for England."

"I stared at the demon kids, numbness seeping through me."

"The next thing I knew, someone was shaking me, and a shout was echoing in my ears."

"My stomach rolled."

"We made our way to the front door, passing one of the servants."

"Dad wasn't around the next morning either."

"After that, I didn't hear much more of what Lara said."

"My heartbeat pounded in my ears."

"I spent the rest of the day exploring Thorne Abbey with Jenna, and even though we spent hours wander-ing through its rooms, we didn't come anywhere close to seeing all of it."

"The second we stepped into the alcove, I felt Jenna's hand slip from mine."


"This is not happening."

"Thankfully, there were no weird dreams that night, and I slept nearly until noon."

"I'd thought I was getting a pretty good handle on the layout of Thorne Abbey, but as I followed Dad down one massive corridor, then another narrower hallway, and finally up a flight of stairs, I got disoriented all over again."

"I stopped myself just before I reached into my pocket, but I still felt like the coin was burning a hole in there."

"Later that afternoon, I went in search of Jenna."

"Jenna and I hung out in the garden until early evening."

"Five a.m."

"When I came to, I was lying on one of the library couches near the big windows and Cal was holding my hand."

"Dad's office was actually one of the smaller rooms at Thorne."

"For the next three weeks, I kept a closer eye on Nick and Daisy."

"My seventeenth birthday party was held in the conservatory, that giant glass room filled with plants."

"Even though I couldn't see it, I had a feeling Archer was raising an eyebrow at me."

"The next nine days stretched out like taffy."

"Archer's necklace thing may have spared us the crushing headache and loss of breath, but it didn't make the landing any more graceful."

"My heart, which only seconds ago, had been racing, suddenly seemed to stumble in my chest."

"This is bad," was all I could manage to say."

"There were three of them, and they had been human once."

"The sun was just beginning to rise when we reached the corn mill, which surprised me until I remembered that A) England has freakishly early sunrises in the summer, and B) we'd been gone nearly five hours."

"The corn mill was just out of sight when reality sunk back in."

"This may sound weird, but the first thing I thought as I watched that ten-foot-tall bronze lady plummet toward my face was, "Well, at least that can't kill me."

"I ran back in to the bedroom before it occurred to me that someone would surely ask me where I was going as I ran out the front door in my bathrobe."

"My memories of everything after that are a little jumbled."

"Her words fell on me like stones."

"Archer and I were taken to the lowest part of Thorne and put in one of those cells Dad had mentioned the other night. "

"I could barely bring myself to look at her as she gestured for me to follow her up the stairs."

"Where is she?"


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