Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Demon Trapper's Daughter - My Favorite Quotes/Lines

Here's some lines/quotes from  The Demon Trapper's Daughter that will show you why it's such an intriguing look at a future world full of demons.

*All quotes/lines taken from a book I received via For What It's Worth's Book Tours

"Libraries and demons," she muttered.  "What is the attraction?"

"Biblios are into books.  Rathre than stealing stuff they like to pee on things."

"They could scratch and bite and pee on you, but they couldn't suck out your soul  and use it as a hockey puck for eternity."

"The world could end and she'd always look neat.  Maybe it was a librarian thing, something they taught them in school."

"Kicking Hell's Ass One Demon at a Time."

"Though some thought it sacrilegious, the condoms were for Holy Water."

"She's cool, even if she's Luci-fer's biatch."


  1. Hey, hey....I'm giving away the arc of DIVERGENT I won on Veronica's blog if you're still interested! The book is awesome!

  2. Cool, thanks for letting me know. :)


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