Friday, February 4, 2011

Sentence Sneak Peek - Born at Midnight

Born at Midnight by C.C. Hunter

The first sentence from each chapter of Born at Midnight, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* I received this book via Different Area Codes tours
* This title will be released on March 29, 2011
* Spoilers are highlighted green

"This isn't funny!"

"An hour later, Kylie walked down the stairs with her backpack and purse over her shoulder."

"Three days later, Kylie, suitcase in hand, stood in the YMCA parking lot where several of the camp buses picked up the juve-nile delinquents."

"Oh, shit."

"An hour later, the bus pulled into a parking lot."

"Relax, Derek said in a voice so low she was certain no one else heard it."

"Yeah, proof would be good," Kylie said, unable to keep the sarcasm from her voice."

"The unicorn, aka Perry, swatted its tail back and forth, as if strutting its stuff, then swung around in Kylie's direction."

"Can you handle the truth?"


"During lunch, the introductions proved to be as embarrassing as Kylie thought they would be."

"Just don't panic," Kylie told Sara thirty minutes into their con-versation."

"Before Kylie could think to react, Della jumped in front of her."

"Kylie took one backwards step closer to her bedroom door."

"Coolness whisked across Kylie's brow and stirred her into a semi-alert state."

"Kylie felt like a trapped animal in the Black Suit's snare."

"Derek came through the door just as Kylie rushed in to find him."

"Kylie pushed her hair behind her ear."

"Let her go, now!"

"Tell me," Kylie said, eager for any help she could get."

"There're a couple of people who want to meet you."

"Can we talk?"

"Hey, where have you been?"

"And oh, do death angels really exist?"

"That evening, Kylie stayed behind at the cabin when Miranda and Della went to the music get-together at the dining hall."

"I found him sneaking into the camp."

"Kylie looked at her new friends and wondered if she should share something so personal."

"Open it already," Della shouted from behind Kylie."

"Kylie swung around and touched her temple, thinking she might as well start faking the headache right now."

"The next morning Kylie stepped out of her bedroom and was shocked to find Della typing at the computer."

"Not too far," Lucas said."

"Do you know him?"

"Kylie swung around."

"Change back or I'll neuter your ass right now!"

"Oh, God."


"Kylie shot behind the chair, thinking about using it as a weapon, but when she looked up, the lion had backed up."

"Holiday was right."

"It doesn't work like that," Derek said ten minutes later, wearing his shirt completely unbuttoned."

"Looking down at her clothes, Kylie realized she wore army fa-tigues."

"Her mom continued alongside Kylie, walking through the path in the woods."

"Kylie saw her mom flinch."

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