Thursday, September 27, 2012

Slapdash Road Trip Book Tour - Met author Gina Damico in Omaha, NE

Today was an awesome day because I got to meet Gina Damico, the author of Croak and Scorch.  She came to Omaha as part of her Slapdash Road Trip Book Tour and actually agreed to meet at 9 a.m. at Barnes & Noble.  It was great to meet Gina in person and am glad the store had at least one copy of the first book for her to sign and one copy of the sequel for me to buy/get signed.  

As always it was kind of surreal to meet an author in person but fun too because she was super nice and even gave me a bunch of bookmarks and magnets for a giveaway here on Bibliognome.  This was definitely a great way to start my day.

Make sure to go see Gina Damico if you're anywhere on the tour route.

Here are my reviews of Croak and Scorch   

 Croak and Scorch together at last, along with lots of cool bookmarks.

Me and Gina Damico :) (don't mind my crazy eyes, I'd woken up less then an hour before and had to go to work right after this)  :)

A plethora of bookmarks and magnets, I may just have to have a giveaway soon, perhaps around Halloween.  

 My double signed Croak :)

Signed Scorch

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