Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Creatively Crafty Croak

5 out of 5 gnomes

Croak is one big bursting bundle of awesome.  I adored this unique book, even though it did practically blind me with it's reflective silver cover when I was reading it outside.  The book has a lot of morbid humor which fits in nicely with my own sense of humor.  This is the kind of book that you'll find yourself actually laughing out loud a lot.

Lex is one heck of a troublemaker, so much so that her nickname at school is Tyrannosaurous Lex.  She has so much anger and no friends, her only friend is her twin sister Cordy.  After a biting incident at school she's sent off to her Uncle Mort's for the summer.  She's horrified by this but when she gets there she finds that Mort lives a rather interesting life.

Weird as it sounds, I think I would like to visit Croak, in description it kind of gave off a kind of Beetlejuice mixed with the town of Mayberry type vibe.  One of my favorite parts of the town has to be the afterlife and all the important people in there, especially Edgar.

Grims and the role of killer and culler is fascinating, also I kind of want my own scythe.  Lex and Driggs are a great partnership and their relationship really had me laughing.  They compliment each other perfectly and their levels of snarkiness/sarcasm are top notch.

There's some serious mystery when people start dying mysteriously and nobody knows why.  As the deaths pile up there are suspicions aplenty and red herrings to who the bad guy is.  When the big bad is revealed though and you look back the pieces really do fall into place.

The part leading up to the ending was so very intense.  I gasped out loud when I figured out who was about to be found dead.  The ending, wow what a downer.  I so wasn't expecting what happened, I think I figured things out just about at the same time Lex did.  I really am looking forward to seeing where Lex goes from here.

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