Friday, July 20, 2012

Bodacious Beat

* Book provided by the author for review

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5 out of 5 gnomes and 5 out of 5 tiara wearing bats

This book is filled to the brim with paranormal goodness.  There is so much happening at once that you get pulled in right away and get taken on quite a wild ride.  I love the world building and the myriad of undeads that there are.  If you're a fan of just about any kind of paranormal creature there's a good chance that you will see them in this book.  

Victoria Wolfe is a werewolf who works as both a human policeman and an enforcement officer for Necropolis the city that runs parallel/dimensionally with the human one.  She has a great snarky attitude and a heck of a tragic background.

One of my favorite things about this story is how the werewolves are described/how they live.  First of all the special suit so they don't have to worry about clothes is genius (although itchy :) )(because waking up naked or turning back to human in a group while naked could be rather awkward.)  I like that there are different forms too, that of human, werewolf, and wolf.  It's also fun that they tend to exhibit canine-like traits while in human form like butt wagging when really happy. It is also cool that they can  talk in all the forms. They just sound a bit different.

Another interesting part is that these two cities are literally side-by-side and you kind of have to shift your way of seeing to be able to take in both places or just one place.  It is really neat how the landscapes overlap and kind of run together.  I love that it shows that although they are seperate worlds almost they are joined.   Seeing both worlds isn't easy for most humans and tends to drive them crazy.  Even for a seasoned undead like Victoria it can be weird switching back and forth between the two.  

The romantic relationships and friendships are all handled very well. Victoria has had her share of exes but thinks her new love interest may be the one.  Her exes are an intriguing bunch and they all seem to still care very much for her.  

The mystery of who's trying to kill a lot of people/end the world is suitably mysterious and just about everyone is suspected at one point or another.  There are definitely some surprises along the way that I didn't expect.

The end of the book was really cool.  Almost all the big/major bad guys that you can think of show up and Victoria's plan is crazy/potentially deadly.  I also love her new group that has formed by the end of the book. I can't wait to see what happens next in the world of Necropolis.

New characters to adore -

* Sexy Cindy - more than she appears to be and also very good at saving the day (I would totally choose to be a succubus too if it meant I could fly :) ) What more can you ask for than teacher turned street walker turned succubus. (and I would be one too, succubus sisters save the day :) )
* Freddy the Zombie - (surprisingly smart and saves the day in a very interesting way.) love the zombies they are neat and have useful little tricks)
* Rover the white worm -  (would love to have one of these as a pet, I would call him Wilbur.) I would raise and train these for a living if I could.
* Ralph - (a werewolf with a cause, who has a very funny scene involving clothes.) I did lol at this one.

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