Sunday, July 29, 2012

Top 5 Sundays - Fictional Worlds You'd Love to Live in!!!

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Top 5 Sundays - Fictional Worlds You'd Love to Live in!!

This would be the ultimate world to live in because then every day would be filled with magic and of course having magic powers would be beyond cool.  The places creatures, and people would also make for plenty of good times. 

This would be a crazy world to live in but I think it would be worth it especially with all the exceptional alien guys walking around.

I would like to be a soul in this world because they remember every past life that they've had.  It of course would mean that you remember all of the good and bad but I think the vast array of knowledge would be cool to have.

This world would be interesting to live in because it's kind of Medieval and also has dragons that can look like humans.  It would of course be fascinating just to talk to a sar/dragon.

I would love to live in this world because it's just so interesting.  I've always been curious to what jewel I would have and the different realms sound awesome.


  1. A lot of people said the Harry Potter world. I agree. :)

    Check out mine!

    1. Thanks,yeah, definitely a great world. Thanks for stopping by. :)


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