Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sentence Sneak Peek - The Night Beat

The Night Beat by Gini Koch

The first sentence from each chapter of The Night Beat, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)   
* Book provided by the author for review
“We pulled up to the scene of the crime.”

“Jack, stay back and take cover!”

“Impressive lack of something happening,” Maurice said nervously.”

“The nice thing about being a modern-day undead in general and werewolf in particular was that the whole clothes issue had been solved by brighter minds generations earlier.”

“We went flying -- in the vamps’ cases under their own control -- as Jack fired.”

“H.P. continued to take care of Slimy and I contemplated my next move.”

“Jack looked around.”

“There’s no way Vic can go back to human right now,” Ken said briskly.”

“Necropolis Enforcement Headquarters followed standard Necropolis architectural design.”

“I was through with the torture that was medical care and ready to go back on duty.”

“You know, we should get H.P.,”

“I wrapped my arm through Edgar’s and Amanda did the same.”

“I heard Ken speaking softly.”

“I went back to human form and Jack and I got back into the sedan and started off.”

“Jack and I finally stopped making out and went into headquarters.”

“We drove to City Hospital like good human cops -- seatbelted and not snuggled.”

“We think the Prince came through a portal,” I told Martin.

“We all looked at each other.”

“We waited until Martin’s angelic escorts returned and confirmed that, sure enough, Tomio had wandered in to see how the others were doing.”

“I woke up alone in bed, brain fuzzy and nose going crazy.”

“Fortified with food and sex, we showered and I dressed.”

“I had the weaponry out, but getting it to the car was going to prove a little exciting, since we had to slide back to Prosaic City.”

“We reached the group and I did a quick nose count.”

“Despite what many religions would have you believe, raising the dead isn’t all that
hard, shocking or unusual.”

“We all let that settle for a moment.”

“There was a little discussion about who was traveling how.”

“We all stared at Sexy Cindy.”

“I left Ken in charge of group divisions.”

“Like every dive bar or club in every city or town, The Pleasure Palace had no windows.”


“Cotton put his hand out.”

“Jack was working his way through the pawnshop quickly.”

“The three of them gaped at me.”

“Jack pulled away from Jude.”

“I felt funny back on the sidewalk.”

“Bad night, Vic?”

“The Count’s office was a disaster.”

“I wasn’t watching anyone else’s face, only Jack’s.”

“I changed my name as soon as our pack reached a larger group of undeads.”

“There’s no good way for a canine to fall from a great height.”

“My dusting comment was greeted with horrified stares from all three of them.”

Jerry made eye contact with me as I barreled towards him.”

Jerry exploded into dust.”

“Ralph arrived as I announced our destination.”

“Ralph broke the silence first.”

“We arrived at the OLOC parking lot.”

“Back in the S-Class and rolling.”

“What do you mean?”

Nero’s shifty blue eyes did their look frantically for escape thing.”

“We stormed inside the house, to hear Nero finishing up his homeowner’s tour.”

“Ralph and I both sniffed the air.”

“I didn’t wait for replies.”

“The first thing I noticed was that there were no people inside the building.”

“The Adversary shifted -- now there was what looked like a man in front of me.”

“As I watched Jack’s face go from pain to shock to the pasty-white I knew meant he
was dying and being reborn undead, I heard Ken’s voice, shouting something.”

“Of course, from my perspective, the plan shouldn’t have included anyone other than
me and Jack being at my place.”

“The Adversary, or at least part of him, was in my bedroom.”

“Jack, or whatever he was, really hadn’t been expecting me to bite him, if his
reactions were any indication.”

“I landed a few seconds later.”

“We reached the hospital, but getting to Ralph’s room proved to be a challenge.”

“A loud beeping jarred me awake.”

“I stood there, still staring, as shock ran through my entire body.”

“Our incredibly hot make-out session was interrupted by Sexy Cindy.”

“I chose to lean against a nearby wall.”

“You’re kidding,” Monty said.”


“Dirt Corps did as requested.”

“We reached the parking lot for the Little Church.”

“Fortunately, Martin felt it was acceptable to use the old angel influence to clear the
heads of all the humans.”

“Vic, what are you doing?”

“I knew Lucifer had a plan, and that he expected me to figure out what it was so I
could conveniently foil it and he could retreat with the rest of the minions.”

“The natural human and demon reaction when a projectile is heading towards them is
to duck or catch it.”

“The totem of Adlet moved towards us.”

“I was running, but not too fast.”

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