Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Interview - Linda Grimes, author of In a Fix

Here at Bibliognome today I'm happy to present an interview that I did with Linda Grimes, author of In a Fix.

Bibliognome: How did you come up with the idea for In a Fix?

Linda Grimes: I saw the name "Ciel" on a license plate while toodling along on the Fairfax County Parkway, and a character popped into my head. Just like that. Yes, I know how woo-woo wacky that sounds, and I'm not even the woo-woo wacky type. But cue the Twilight Zone music, because it's absolutely true.

Bibliognome: What are you writing currently or percolating in your mind to write soon?

Linda Grimes: Right now I'm working on Book 3 of the series. I just turned in edits for Book 2 (Quick Fix), which is due out in July 2013. I'm also tweaking my drawer novel (a paranormal suspense) in the hopes of letting it see the light of day sometime in the future. Oh, and then there's a silly little rom-come I play with when the mood strikes me. I find if I keep several things going I'm more productive. It's a way to avoid writer's block—if I get stuck on one of them, I go work on another one for a while.  

Bibliognome: Which character did you think was the easiest to write for and why?

Linda Grimes: Ciel is the easiest—she's my mc, and when she starts talking it's hard to get her to shut up. She's very open, and easy for me to access.

Bibliognome: Which character in In a Fix  is your favorite?

Linda Grimes: Besides Ciel? It's tempting to say Billy, her best friend/honorary cousin. He's witty and fun—a charming con man type—and easy to love. But I really like Mark, the hard-edged CIA operative, too. He's complicated. There's a lot to be said for complicated. Especially in such a hot package. *grin*

Bibliognome: If you were an adaptor what would be your go to aura or the most interesting one you can think of?

Linda Grimes: Might be fun—and very interesting—to spend a day as Nina Dobrev, on the set of The Vampire Diaries. Or as the director of one of the episodes of Supernatural. I mean, a director gets to say stuff like "Now, boys, in this scene you take your shirts off…," right?  

Bibliognome: What author is a must buy for you/ do you enjoy reading the most?         

Linda Grimes: Oh, man, don't think I can choose just one. Diana Gabaldon, Vicki Pettersson, Harlan Coben, Jim Butcher, Kristan Higgins, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Jennifer Crusie, Charlaine Harris…I buy all their books as soon as they come out. I'm sure I must be leaving out some of my favorites, and will be kicking myself for it later.

Bibliognome: Will Ciel’s mother make an appearance in the next book?

Linda Grimes: Oh, yes. Aurora Halligan makes quite an appearance in Quick Fix, as a matter of fact. Along with several other members of Ciel's family.  

Bibliognome: What's the best part of the writing process for you?

Linda Grimes: Just making shi—er, stuff—up. From the time I was a little girl, I told myself stories. You can't always make real life happen the way you want it to, but stories? There you have the ultimate control. Bwah-ha-hah! The power—I love it!

Bibliognome: What word is your favorite to say or write?

Linda Grimes: Defenestrate. It means "to throw something or someone out of a window." Isn't that great? And it just sounds…I dunnoh, scientifically naughty or something.

Bibliognome: If you had a gnome character, what would you name them?

Linda Grimes: Nali. Which happens to be my daughter's nickname. She loved the "David the Gnome" animated TV show when she was little, so I think she'd like having a gnome named after her. So, yeah, Nali. Or perhaps I should spell it "Gnali." Gnali the Gnome. Has a ring to it, don't you think?

Bibliognome: Anything else that you would like to let people know?

Linda Grimes: Yes. There's a rumor going around that anyone who buys In a Fix will be blessed with many years of good fortune. Or at least, yannoh, a few laughs.  

Quick Questions:
1.) zombie or vampire? Vampire.
2.) pop or soda? Soda.
3.) blue eyes or green eyes? Teal*.  
4.) Starbursts or Skittles? Skittles.
*My sneaky way of saying both. ;)

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