Sunday, September 2, 2012

Weekend Wanderings

Here's some pics of the Saturday adventures of me, my Mom, and Tiny Reverse

At The Imaginarium - found a creepy yet awesome bank that I love but alas was a tad overpriced at $10 (saying that though I'll probably just end up buying it later.)  :)

Localmotive Food Truck at the farmer's market - they had some awesome street frites aka really good french fries.

The Imaginarium - I am disturbed yet can't seem to look away from this miniature green leaf guy. 

The Imaginarium - I try to pose with the same fierceness as this dragon. :)

A rather sad looking lion that we found in the Old Market.

The Imaginarium - The odd picture of the day - in where I just noticed you can see Tiny Reverse Vampire and my Mom in the mirror.  Oh and the naked lady picture behind me...

This is Tiny Reverse Vampire's look which tells me that I shall get stabbed with a fork if I touch her food. :)

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