Monday, September 10, 2012

Sentence Sneak Peek - Pushing the Limits

Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry

The first sentence from each chapter of Pushing the Limits, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* ARC provided by the publisher for review 
* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)

“My father is a control freak, I hate my stepmother, my brother is dead and my mother has...well...issues.”

“Fresh paint and the scent of drywall dust made me think of my father, not school.”

“If only I could wear gloves every moment of the day, I’d feel more secure, but the stupid dress code wouldn’t let me.”

“I’d told Mrs. Collins the truth.”

“Nothing,” said Lila.”

“Twenty-eight anxious days had passed since I’d visited this bleakly decorated room in the social services building.”

“Watching beer pong typically bored me, but not when Lila con-tinued to kick everyone’s butt.”

“What I don’t get is why you gave her your jacket.”

“I held Noah’s black leather jacket over my arm and headed to-ward my locker.”

“Hold this.”

“Mrs. Collins’s plaques had moved by a fraction of an inch, re-vealing black marks on the wall.”

“After school, I spotted Echo weaving through the crowded hall-way.”

“Stage one of Operation Read My File consisted of my father, Ash-ley and me waiting for Mrs. Collins to call us in for our meeting.”

“I leaned against my locker, scanning the students heading to lunch.”

“I stood outside of the girls’ locker room, palms sweating and my foot tapping uncontrollably on the floor.”

“I’d seen my brothers.”

“I’m sorry,” I said for the third time.”

“Echo withdrew into her hair the moment she entwined her fin-gers with mine.”

“Two thousand dollars.”

“Stop sulking already.”

“When I graduated from high school I planned on painting a plaque for Mrs. Collins: Therapy Stinks.”

“Make sure you talk about me.”

“I tugged at my gloves for possibly the millionth time this eve-ning.”

“I should have thrown her over my shoulder and dragged her from the gym.”

“Monday morning ushered in a new phase of my life—dating Noah Hutchins in public.”

“Sup, Mrs. Collins.”

“They’re brooding.”

“Echo kept silent on the way to Shirley and Dale’s.”

“I claimed Noah’s hand, giving Beth a wink as I let him lead me away.”

“Almost all the cars were gone when I returned home.”

“It’ll work,” Noah purred.”

“I wish I could sleep with you,” Echo’s sexy-as-hell drowsy voice mumbled through the phone.”

“Noah looked drained.”

“I wandered the hallways for twenty minutes.”

“You forgot to pick me up?”

“I should have stayed.”

“My father followed me home, running two red lights in order to keep up.”

“Last night, Echo called while I was at work.”

Noah offered to call in to work so we could spend the evening together.”

“As soon as I finished my shower, I planned on calling Echo then heading to Antonio’s for the rest of the party.”

Noah trailed a line of blazing kisses along the nape of my neck, confusing my brain.”

“The familiar ring tone jerked me awake.”

“Lying on my bed, I clutched my tank top to my chest and wished the knife would stop stabbing my heart.”

“Not bothering with my locker, I headed straight for the cafete-ria.”

He loved me.”

“My fist collided with my locker and the loud banging accom-panied the curse flying from my mouth.”

“The smell of acrylic paint tickled my nose the moment I walked into the gallery.”

“How are you, Noah?”

“Nerves took dominion over my body and I concentrated on not peeing my pants.”

“Water trickled from my parents’ fountain.”

“I slammed the door to my car and ran up the dark driveway.”

Carrie’s arms strangled my neck and, for a moment, I hoped she’d kill me.”

“He’s where?”

“Still here, Noah?”

“Mrs. Collins sent me an encouraging smile when the tiny pieces of tissue fell from my hands onto the blanket.”

Noah held my hand and my bag as he escorted me to the third floor—the Women’s Pavilion.”

“In a tent set up in Shirley and Dale’s backyard, Echo lay on her stomach studying a huge map of the United States.”

“When are you coming back?”

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