Saturday, September 22, 2012

Author Event/Signing - Andrea Cremer

I was beyond excited when I heard that Andrea Cremer would be having an author event/signing in Omaha.  Her first book Nightshade is one of my favorite books that I've discovered since I began blogging.  Her take on werewolves and the mythology she builds is intriguing.

I'm always kind of terrified to meet authors because I never know what to expect or if I'll be too nervous to even say anything.  I'm happy to report though that the event was a lot of fun and I actually asked the first question which was whether the end of the third book was always going to be written that way, she said yes it was.  Also that of course that ending was not easy to write.

She talked about how she got started writing and overall was very engaging and funny during the talk.  I felt bad that there weren't a ton of people there but not having a ton of people made it feel all the more special and anybody who had a question go it answered.  She talked about her upcoming books and said that the short novella Aftermath may just hint at upcoming books (I highly recommend you read this novella especially if certain scenes in Bloodrose upset you.  It's a short story but it has some very interesting information.)

Overall this was a laid back fun event, so if Andrea Cremer has an event in your town be sure to go, you won't regret it.

Here are all my pictures from the event:

Various photos from when Andrea was talking.  :)

Me posing with Andrea Cremer for pictures, (the book is one of the puzzle books sent out before Nightshade came out with clues in it about what the series was going to be about). Also various pictures of me and one of Tiny Reverse Vampire.

Got my new Nightshade cover signed.

I call this picture the signed pile of Awesomeness.  :)


  1. Fantastic! You got everything signed!!!

    1. Yes I did! :) It was a small event but lots of fun and like you saw I got everything that I had that was NIGHTSHADE related signed. :)

      I would definitely recommend going to one of her signings/events if she goes to a stop anywhere near you.


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