Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sentence Sneak Peek - Angst

Angst by David Pedersen

The first sentence from each chapter of Angst, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* ARC provided by the author for review

“Angst was not happy.”

“They laughed, they all laughed.”

“The next morning Angst found himself alone in a small courtyard with Victoria, which made him shuffle his feet nervously and suck in his gut a bit.”

“If it is possible to sprint in a small three room cottage, he did so.”

“The Queen stared into nothing, concentrating and contemplating.”

“It was unquestionably the longest morning Angst had ever endured.”

“Angst, Hector,Tyrell, and three guards arrived at the training grounds.”

“Angst crawled out of his deep slumber.”

“When opportunity knocks, it's typically hard and in the back of the head.”

“This was not breakfast.”

“Angst pushed his way through the double doors of the breakfast room to find Hector waiting outside.”

“They say armor makes the man,but I’m not seeing that.”

“There were two types of knight in the Kingdom of Unsel.”

“The morning they were set to depart, the air held a touch of fall.”

“Angst reveled in the glory of their first day on the road.”

“The silence of the early morning was shattered by a scream.”

“A cool morning breeze crept through the window and into the Queen’s chamber.”

“Another day passed.”

“Like guests at a dinner party they separated to their own conversations for the remainder of the afternoon.”

“During the Queen’s three days in the infirmary, her bedroom had been scrubbed, washed, painted, and restored to its original immaculate state.”

“The sun seemed to rise early the next morning for Angst, as he  and Marissa had talked late into the night.”

“As they made their way through the wooded terrain, they watched the color slowly bleed from their surroundings like fresh paint washing away in the rain.

“Public discord was good for business.”

“Angst woke with a start to find Hector’s concerned face leaning over him.”

“Are they giants?”asked Rose.

“The next morning Angst found Niilu practically salivating all over Chrysaenor, which he had left hovering on point by the fire.”

“That’s the entire reason he is here.”

“Fall winds blustered their way through the roads and pathways of Unsel, bringing with them a fresh crisp scent that hinted of snow to come.”

Ivan had not yet returned by morning and they resigned themselves to a search.”

Having not been picked up, used, or even swung about casually in recorded history, it had been a stunning feat for Angst to wield Chryslaenor.”

“Ivan stumbled through the forest, holding his stomach with one hand and his cheek in the other.”

Do you mean to tell me you are reliving the same day over and over again?”

Gressmore was a city like any other, well, in a sense that it rested on the ground, Anderfeld began.”

“Victoria paced the length of her room, complaining loudly about her mother’s recent nonsensical decisions.”

“Angst awoke shaking.”

“Tarness grunted and moaned while rocking from side to side with his eyes squeezed shut.”

“The forest floor shook violently as he stepped forward.”

“The swifen were fast, unbelievably so.”

I think this counts as odd,” Hector said, analyzing the disfigured purple body of what appeared to be a woman.”

“Tyrell did not enjoy killing, but he couldn’t help feeling relieved and justified as he watched Aereon writhed at the end of his sword.”

“Rook, if you don’t explain to me what is going on, I’m going back to my room!”

“Dungeons are the same everywhere.”

“The sword vibrated painfully in Aereon’s hand as it was stopped mere inches from Tyrell’s neck.”

“Fast was an understatement.”

“They were already here.”

“There was an awkward moment after the first hug.”

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