Sunday, June 12, 2011

Top 5 Sundays #43 – Books for an UF 1st Timer!

This feature was thought up by the awesome Larissa's Bookish Life

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Books for an UF 1st Timer!

I would recommend any of these books for anyone starting out with urban fantasy.  They are all the first books in a series and the continuing series of all of them are great.
A great start to a crazy series shows how cool unconventional heroines can be.
Aliens + a kick butt heroine who "thinks right" = a tremendous introduction to quite the interesting world. 
A hero with a unique talent and a super sense of humor.
A vampire heroine who's new to the world and learning the ropes of a very interesting vampire system. 
A superb debut and a great series to start if you love your fantasy humorous and full of quirky characters.


  1. I haven't read any of those but i have wrote them down,,to check into thanks for sharing

  2. Following on the Top 5 Hop

    I picked Chloe Neil's and I have Mind Games and Touched by an Alien on my Kobo to read.

  3. Great picks! Urban Fantasy is a great genre to choose from. :)

    Love Some Girls Bite!

    Here are mine:

  4. I haven't read the last three you mentioned. Will keep them in mind.

  5. Oh...I should have put Hounded on my list as well. It was a great read. I've heard good things about Anton Strout as well. Great picks.

  6. @Everyone, Thanks for all the comments. Yeah, I would recommend reading any of these they make perfect rereads too.


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