Monday, June 20, 2011

Sentence Sneak Peek - Wolfsbane

Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer

The first sentence from each chapter of Wolfsbane, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

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* Spoilers are highlighted :)

"I COULDN'T SHUT OUT the screams."

"THE DOOR LED INTO A WIDE, well-lit hall and I swallowed a gasp."




"THE DOOR ADNE OPENED this time revealed a landscape I'd known my whole life."

"TESS LAY IN A CRUMPLED heap on the floor while Connor spoke softly to her."


"SHAY HAD FALLEN SILENT as we left the room."

"MY FANGS CLOSED ON his throat, crushing his windpipe."



"MY FINGERS DUG INTO his shoulders as I stared at him, unable to speak, not believing what I'd just heard."

"WE GATHERED AT Purgatory's kitchen table."

"I DIDN'T THINK I COULD get any colder, but as Monroe's words settled around us, I could have sworn the temperature in the room dropped."


"A SPEAR OF YELLOW light cut through the hallway from a room at the top of a stairwell I'd discovered when trailing Ansel's scent, the door open just a crack."

"CALLA," SHAY WHISPERED, gently shaking my shoulder."

"IT WAS COLD ON THE other side of the portal."

"NO FLUORESCENT CEILING panels hummed in the Chamber."

"BRYN TOOK MY HAND, leaning into me as we left the cell."

"REN PINNED ME TO THE cold steel of the cell wall, his knee parting my thighs."

"WE'LL NEVER MAKE IT back out."

"A BLAST OF HEAT PUSHED me back, throwing me toward the door from which I'd just emerged."

"I WAS ON MY BACK, staring up at a dull gray sky."

"THE SEARCHERS KEPT US moving at a quick pace."



"FOR A MOMENT I THOUGHT the floor had dropped out from under me and I was falling."


  1. Ooh, Ren! I hope he gets a chance with Calla!
    Team Ren for sure.

  2. OMGOSH OMGOSH!!! YESYESYESYESYEEEEEEEESSSS. Please tell me that those aren't dream sequences, cause I am sooo happy. Thank you!

  3. @Burning The Midnight Oil, :) Not going to spoil anything other then saying that you do see Ren again in this book.

    @juicy_couture_22, Each sentence is exactly how it appeared in the ARC that I read :). This book is a great follow up to NIGHTSHADE and will leave you wanting the next book ASAP.


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