Friday, March 18, 2011

Great Gaga

Celebrated St. Patrick's Day at the Lady Gaga concert it was so awesome.  :)

Check out those costumes :)

Reactions to the awesomeness and yes we are wearing dinosaur/crocodile hats.

The arc of Alien in the Family that I'm reading thanks to the arc blog tour put together by Marnie at Absorbed in a Book 

Alien in the Family takes a field trip to see Lady Gaga :)


  1. Clearly, you are worth your weight in a gator battle. ;-)

  2. Great pictures! love your hats/masks

  3. @Kate, @Sullivan

    Thanks :) It was a lot of fun. You'd be surprised how many comments/compliments we got on the hats (which we bought at the dollar store).

  4. Oh, man!!! This totally beats Alien Tango going to see crocs down under! What is an opera house compared to a real life alien like Lady Gaga?!

  5. @Amber Yeah, it seemed like a very fitting place to take the arc :)


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