Monday, March 14, 2011

Sentence Sneak Peek - The Abandoned Edge of Avalon

The Abandoned Edge of Avalon by Eden Tyler

The first sentence from each chapter of The Abandoned Edge of Avalon, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Won this book from the author, Eden Tyler, on Twitter.
** Now possible spoilers are highlighted like this

"The surge of liquid warmth rushed through her."

"Alexis dreamt of blood, she dreamt of drowning—to the point of almost dying."

"Time at work passed quietly—the only excitement being a random fight in the breakroom over some girl who got caught dating two co-workers at once."

"Alexis and Hollie came out dressed to the nines (according to their little, Midwestern town's standards, at least)."

"Alexis pretended nothing was wrong; like she had glanced behind her simply to see who was around."

"Luck was on her side."

"Alexis cried for the second time that day."

"Alexis slammed the back door of her so-called parents' house, and made a beeline for her car."

"Alexis heard soft voices speaking near her."

"As they walked up to the edge of the lake, Alexis followed the Goddess away from the beach to a spot across the water where a blanket had been laid out—probably part of the preparations for the ceremony."

"Hollie’s room shimmered back into focus, and Alexis found she was still in the same spot on the floor."

"Just like waking from a dream―Alexis opened her eyes and found herself in her car."

"Donovan’s saunter became a fast dash."

"Alright, so before I get to all the strange events that have been going on," Landon started, "I'm gonna tell you a rhyme that I promise you every faery in the land knows."

"Alexis spent a few minutes alone in the bathroom, which Zoƫ had shown her."

"Alexis jumped out of Hollie’s truck, silently happy she’d had to take it so Hols had to stay home tonight."

"Why in the world did I just say that, of all things?"

"Alexis couldn’t stop thinking about the utter strangeness of her situation."

"The two walked hand in hand, careful not to get too close."

"Alexis woke to sunlight shooting straight in her left eye through a crack in the shades."

"After a short nap, Alexis awoke to sun in her eyes again."

"After Alexis knew without a doubt the spell was in her mind and her heart, and she had faith it would work, it was time to go see Hollie."

"Not even bothering to call or knock, Alexis burst through the back door of Hols' house."

"Along with the extra power from her mother and her baptism, Alexis had obviously picked up moving from realm to realm quite well, because she scryed like a flash of light and ended up exactly where she wanted to be."

"Turns out it was as simple as Sloane had thought it’d be to fool Donovan."

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