Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Artful Angels

Probability Angels by Joseph Devon
*Book received from the author, after being requested, for review

This book is definitely a three tiara wearing bats out of 5 bats kind of story. It is a good read even if it does start out a little slow.

I like how the basic lessons of the world of this story are shown to us using the guise of following around the new guy. The more you can get into this book the more it starts to reward you for your effort. From the intro to what is happening, along with some of the more nice and juicy fight scenes, this book has a decent flow and a good story.

The concepts in this were good but I fully admit that it was the characters that kept me coming back for more. The character with the most irony would have to be Mary the ex-nun with the influence specialty of sex. I love it when people build contradictions into the characters themselves. Now most people will probably love Epp the most and I do admit that he is cool being the man with all the tricks and pretty much in charge but he is not my favorite. Mine would be a tie between Kyo the one of a kind man from feudal japan and Bartleby who learned that Mercury can give quite the attitude adjustment and teach a few new tricks.

Overall this was a good book and with how this one ends I think the next one holds a lot of promise.

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