Sunday, March 13, 2011

NetGalley Newness: Books I can't wait to read and review

Here are some recent titles that have been added to NetGalley that I'm looking forward to reading and reviewing.
I have already read and reviewed this book via an arc tour but I can't wait to reread it.  It's the kind of haunting story that will keep you thinking. 
Books where people talk or interact with the dead are always intriguing and this one looks like it has a very interesting concept.
An angel story that actually looks different/interesting.  I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that it's not one of those preachy type angel books.


  1. Oh, the covers for these alone make me want to read them...

  2. Yeah, I love the covers too. I know the first story is great (writing is very lyrical and has quite a tale to tell) and the other two books look like they have great stories.


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