Saturday, March 5, 2011

NetGalley Newness: Books I can't wait to read and review

Here are some recent titles that have been added to NetGalley that I'm looking forward to reading and reviewing.
I love Greek mythology and new takes on well know stories so it seems like the perfect story for me.
Putting Makeup on Dead People, I love the cover and it sounds like quite an interesting story and is about a topic that I don't think I've seen in YA lately.
This book looks like a really fascinating take on Greek mythology, can't wait to read it and see  if it lives up to the awesome summary of the story.


  1. I'm so looking forward to The Goddess Test and Starcrossed too!<3 They sound very original and interesting. The covers are very pretty as well!
    Yay for NetGalley!:))
    Happy reding!

  2. @Deea thanks, yeah NetGalley's been really helpful since I got my own ereader. I love the covers of the books too.


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