Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Avalon Adventure

The Abandoned Edge of Avalon by Eden Tyler
* Won this book from the author, Eden Tyler, on Twitter.
* Spoilers are highlighted :)

This modern day fairy tale gets a great 3 gnomes out of 5 gnomes for having some great characters and a story that keeps you guessing.

Alexis is 24 years old and seems to be a lost soul, just kind of stuck in a rut.  She has fantastical dreams of a different world and feels compelled to write them down every morning.  Her life seems pretty normal with going to work and hanging out with her friends.  As you read though you can tell that she yearns for something more.

A mystery starts to appear when Alexis starts to see mysterious shadows and things just don't seem completely right with the world.  Her world starts to spiral at a party when the fantastical seems to have become real.

The psychological elements in this book are accomplished well and leave you wondering if maybe Alexis is just imagining things.  Then the pieces start to fall into place.  It turns out that Alexis has a much more interesting family history that she never knew about.  She accepts her destiny a little too quickly for my liking but it is still an interesting journey.

I wanted to see more of the evil done by the bad guy in this book.  Yes, he felt like a threat but I wanted to see more of why exactly the characters should be afraid of him.  The villain seems more psychological than anything.

This book has an ending that may have you asking yourself, what the heck just happened?  I know it's one of the most depressing endings that I've read in a while and if there's another book in this series I hope it's explained more.  The last line of the book says, "All across the world, the dreams of children simply began to fade to shades of grey."  This line really makes you wonder if Alexis did the right thing in the end and at least left me thinking that there had to have been a better way to accomplish her goal.

This is book is well worth reading and I can't wait to see what Eden Tyler does in the future.  I would hope that this book has a sequel especially after how it ended.

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