Monday, January 21, 2013

The Archived - I was chosen to be a Keeper for THE ARCHIVED

I was chosen to be one of the first Keepers of the Archive by Victoria Schwab, so you'll be hearing a lot about THE ARCHIVED which is being released on Tuesday.  

When I first heard the description for The Archived I knew it was a book that I had to read.  I loved Schwab's first book The Near Witch too.  I'm a Library Assistant so if a book features a library and an interesting twist I'm going to have to check it out.  I read the preview of the first 100 pages of this book when it was on NetGalley and knew after that, that I really wanted to support the book so I filled out an application and was chosen to be a Keeper and now I get to spread the word about how awesome this book is. :)

Here’s a picture from the first task I completed:

15 signed bookmarks and a signed tote bag were delivered to the YA Librarian at the Benson Branch of the Omaha Public Library.

I also have a lot more signed bookmarks that I'll be giving away here on the blog tomorrow.

I can't wait to accomplish more tasks and spread the word about The Archived.

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