Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Goodbye Grandma Lu

It's going to be a rough week because my Grandma Lu passed away yesterday.  Even when you know that someone doesn't have long, it's still hard when they actually go.

It'll be hectic here especially with my Mom having 10 siblings (which means it's going to take some planning to get everybody together). Then there's the planning of the actual funeral which should be an interesting process.  Because of all the craziness here Bibliognome will be on hiatus until Monday January 21st.

Grandma Lu was never the baking cookies type of Grandma, her most well known phrase was Dammit the hell.  She loved bowling, was known to more often than not curse like a sailor, and was a kick butt kind of lady in her own way.  You always knew that she cared and she would always try to give whatever she could.

 Here's one of the last pictures that the family has of her, it really captures her spirit/personality well.

My pic. from when we went to visit her and she had a rather unfortunate perm. :)

Grandma Lu and me at my high school graduation.

Grandma Lu and my sister at her high school graduation.


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