Monday, January 14, 2013

Sentence Sneak Peek - Nobody

Nobody by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

The first sentence from each chapter of Nobody, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)
* ARC received from publisher for review

One week earlier . . .

Have a great summer!

“Nix’s quarters at the institute were eggshell white and completely bare.”

“Claire’s resolve to have fun and be sweet was wavering.”

It was an aberration.

“Claire was about ninety percent sure that she was asleep.”

Claire is smiling.

“Claire had, not surprisingly, imagined what death would be like.”

“Nix’s feet pounded against the ground.”

“It was one thing to think, during your worst moments, that you were unlovable.”

“Nix woke the next morning with a weight on his chest.”

“Situation: You wake up in the woods with no memory.”

“The d├ęcor in Ione’s office was all metal and sharp corners, glass tabletops and see-through chairs.”

“Less than shadow.”

She’s better at this than she should be.

Middle of the middle.

“Nix tried to concentrate on Claire’s question.”

“Faded, Claire flew.”

White floors.

The world can’t touch me.

Claire’s being quiet.

“Claire stared up at the ceiling, eyes wide open, Nix asleep beside her.”

“Nix wove his way in and out of the crowd, putting distance between himself and the Sensors, choosing his vantage point carefully.”

“Claire couldn’t dwell on the liquid ease with which Nix moved, the way his eyes narrowed in an almost snakelike fashion as his limbs fell into a blur of motion.”

“Society operatives had standing orders to self-destruct rather than risk exposure.”

“Claire let out a breath that she hadn’t realized she was holding.”

“White walls.”

“Claire pulled herself away from Nix.”

“Nix was about ninety percent sure he was unconscious.”

Six months later . . .

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