Friday, January 11, 2013

Death's Deeds

King of the Dead by Joseph Nassise

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 3.5 out of 5 tiara wearing bats

Not as much action as the first but once it gets going it really has its moments.  Life as fugitives for them seems to go very slow until Denise’s visions come back with more intensity and urgency than ever before.

The addition of new characters is a nice plus.  I like Gallagher a lot. He is a douchebag mage but he is a man who when it comes down to it cares for his people.  Him being around is cool too because it lets you see a bit more of the magic side of things and how they work.

The first book had haunting scenes and great visuals.  This one though blows the first book out of the water in this aspect.   The scenes at the bridge and in the castle are just amazingly inspired.  

As Hunt’s powers are shown more and more They bring up the question of just how strong he is.  I love the whole harmonica thing.  I want there to be a soundtrack for the books with how they describe his music.

As things seem to move on in the story I do wonder what will come next. They have already surprised me multiple times with the timing of some people and at the end of the book I was left with so many question. Will Denese live? What is next for Hunt and Dmitri?  Is the preacher going to reappear?  My biggest question is when Hunt came back Gallagher asked where he had been for the last three days.  DID HUNT make it back within the deadline?

I look forward to reading on to find out more.

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