Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Astute Asunder

Asunder by Jodi Meadows

* ARC won from the awesome people at Epic Reads 

4 gnomes and a gnome hat out of 5 gnomes

Ana continues to be a strong character with a lot to prove.  Also I continue to find the whole act of reincarnating in this society to be really intriguing.  Some people in Heart have known each other since the beginning (almost 5,000 years).

There is plenty of new insanity in this installment of the story.  More is learned about newsouls and why everyone reincarnates over and over. Getting these answers though is not easy.  

Sam and Ana have quite the relationship.  He’s technically a heck of a lot older than her so there are some age issues he has to get over.  Ana is not the best at relationships either because she didn’t really have a loving childhood.  They take everything slowly but do really seem to grow as a couple.

The danger level is ramped up even more in this book, lets just say that you haven't seen the last of Janan.  There is violence and intrigue aplenty and of course plenty of mysterious behavior.  Ana has even more to care for and more to protect than she ever has before.

This book has an intense ending and is full of surprises.  I can’t wait to read the conclusion to see if Ana can figure everything out and know once and for all what’s going on.  I hope this series has a happy conclusion but I have a bad feeling that there’s going to be a lot of death in the future.

My Favorite Quote:
“People don’t want a lot of things, but they get them any-way.”  Such as newsouls, or roses of indeterminate color.  “I liked the roses for what they were.”

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